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NOTE: As from August 6th 2014 I am retiring from updating the website to concentrate on other 'more important' projects for me at this time. It has been a great deal of excitment and pleasure to bring you the news from around the world from Amateur Radio, Steam and other interests. I hope from time to time to add a few tit-bits of information to the site but the weekly reports and updates will no longer be uploaded as has been for the past 6 years.

Lyle Stacpoole my website tutor will gratefully look after the site and hopefully it continues to be a source of information and interest to all the past visitors and to many new ones as time in this system allows!

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White Cliffs of Dover lighthouse restoration begins [April 2014]

Restoration of a historic lighthouse on the White Cliffs of Dover - which was used for pioneering radio experiments - has begun. Guglielmo Marconi used it for the first ship-to-shore transmission in 1898.

In the attached article - refer to link (in green) - Lighthouse restoration begins which includes several pictures of the site.

[Info. BBC News Kent 08 APRIL.2014; comments by VK4CY]

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