Jonboy [Jonathan] Walton VK4CY Photo Gallery

Merchant Naval Career

Part Two: Australian Merchant Navy: 1979 - 1994

Australian Venture
"Australian Venture" VJAV
ANL container ship - round the world in 83 days - circa 1989/1990 - photo. by unknown
VJWL Radio Shack
Radio Shack of the "W M Leonard" VJWL
Standard Marconi Co. communications console - Mackay circa 1980 - photo. by Warwick Lake VK4AP
Mobil Flinders
"Mobil Flinders" VJEU
Commissioning card from Mobil Australia 17th JUNE 1982. photo. by unknown
Mobil Flinders
"Mobil Flinders" VJEU
Tilbury [London] circa 1988 - photo. by Jon Walton VK4CY
Mobil Flinders
Radio Shack of the "Mobil Flinders" VJEU
Cousin David G6MSY Tilbury [London] circa 1988 - photo. by Jon Walton VK4CY
Sid McGrath
"Sid McGrath" VJYJ
Mercantile Wharf, John Burke Shipping [Brisbane] circa 1986 - photo. by Philippa Walton
Sid McGrath
Radio Shack of the "Sid McGrath" VJYJ
RTF system with main & Emergency units - Brisbane circa 1986 - photo. by Jon Walton VK4CY

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