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Hero swims the Hellespont

Hero Melia - the young Welsh harpist you may remember who failed to impress Simon Cowell in an article I posted earlier this year. Well, she has done what she said she would and made that connection with Lord Byron by recently swimming the Hellespont [Asia to Europe].

In the attached article - refer to link (in green) - Hero swims the Hellespont

Hero herself has written the article in the "Daily Mail" with associated photographs and fulfilled a dream she mentioned almost two years ago [2011] of accomplishing this no mean feat. Congratulations and well done Hero.

Hero's website is at Hero Melia - the opening song is a 'classic' too Enjoy the esperience(s).

Incidentally, she has also become an ambassador to assist other children whose parents have divorced and hope to cope with the traumatic aftermath of such an event through the eyes of a child and its far-reaching consequences; See Heros mission - Devastation of divorce. ; Personally, I salute a brave young Welsh woman who, in spite of her historical background says 'enough is enough': Her charity 'piggy-in-the-middle' is via this link - If you’d like to donate to the charity Hero was raising money for; visit

[Info. 'Daily Mail' article written by Hero Melia 13SEPTEMBER.2013; 'Telegraph UK' article on divorce by Alice Philipson 02OCTOBER.2013; 'pigginthemiddle' website link; Hero's website link; comments by Ioan [Jon] VK4CY]

@@@@@@@@@ MARITIME NEWS @@@@@@@@@

Inventor John Harrison: Longitude pioneer celebrated in Barrow

Quote: The inventor John Harrison, who built clocks accurate enough to solve the problems of navigation at sea, has been celebrated where he once lived.
Schoolchildren in Barrow-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire, paraded through the village and acted out scenes from the clockmaker's life. Unquote
For the full BBC England - Lincoln area news click onto the attached link (in green) - John Harrison.

[Info. BBC News Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, England - [12JULY.2014]; comments by VK4CY]

Queen names new Royal Navy aircraft carrier in Rosyth

The UK's largest warship marks "a new phase in our naval history", the Queen has said, as the vessel was officially named in her honour at a ceremony at Fife's Rosyth Dockyard. A bottle of whisky was smashed on the hull of the 65,000-tonne HMS Queen Elizabeth - the first of two new Royal Navy aircraft carriers being built.
Further data via the attached link (in green) New Aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth" .

[Info. BBC News Rosyth - Scotland - [04JULY.2014]; posted by VK4CY]

LAURA DEKKER onboard her yacht "GUPPY"

Laura and "Guppy" at approx. 3:00PM local time - 21st January 2012 [Sint Maarten time] - entered port to become the 'youngest' solo "round-the-world" sailor.

In her blog during her momenteous voyage, Laura mentioned that her greatest achievements to date have been:

[a] being nominated for the 'Conny Van Rietschoten' Award.
         [b] becoming the 'youngest' person to circumnavigate the globe.
   [c] travelled 'almost 43,000NM' since her adventures started.

Thanks for the NY greetings - glad young Kim enjoyed her stay - boy, you've been busy: - Keep safe and Happydaze from an 'ancient mariner'. Au revoir.

Congratulations Laura on getting your book "A Girl, A Dream" published [in German & Dutch PLUS by end of 2014 it should be in English.] - looking forward to the English edition in the near future.

For a comprehensive overview of Laura, her boat, future plans etc., click onto her official webpage - view her latest blog with a great video interview and looking forward to the book too [appreciate the 'translater section' into English too!] - in green Laura Dekker and "Guppy" .

[Info. Laura Dekker; comments by VK4CY]

@@@@@@@@@ STEAM PRESERVATION NEWS @@@@@@@@@

"Swanage Railway's first passenger trains commemorated"

Quote: 'Volunteers who spent 30 years rebuilding a railway line in Dorset are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the heritage line's first passenger trains'. For the full BBC England - Dorset area news click onto the attached link (in green) - The Swanage Railway.

[Info. BBC News England - [12JULY.2014]; comments by VK4CY]

"Joining the Borders railway dots after 40 years"

"The Borders Railway Project will connect the Borders with Edinburgh for the first time in 40 years. The scheme involves the construction of seven new stations, the laying of 30 miles of track and dealing with 137 bridges along the way between Waverley station and Tweedbank." The last time trains ran it was with V2s; A1s; A2s; A3s and A4s - marvellous pictures by D. Cross, Eric Tracy, George Heiron etc. Network Rail [Scotland] are re-building a line which many believe should never have been removed. Again political indecisions and a heavily biased transport scheme(s) biased heavily toward road transport being the main causes. The line should be completed by 2015. Further reports will be added when received.

For the full BBC Scotland news with an embedded video clip click onto the attached link (in green) - The Borders Railway.

[Info. BBC News Scotland - [13MAY.2014]; comments by VK4CY]

"Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway plan station in Caernarfon"

"An historic steam railway in Gwynedd has unveiled plans for a new £1.2m station in Caernarfon." The Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway said the project would create two jobs and safeguard more than 150.

For the full BBC NorthWest Wales news clip click onto the attached link (in green) - The Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway. "Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway already provides significant benefits to the wider local economy, generating an estimated £25m each year and creating more than 400 jobs"

[Info. BBC News North West Wales - [04JUNE.2014]; comments by VK4CY]

"Wirksworth railway station reconnected to national network"

"A town railway station has been reconnected to the national network for the first time in almost 70 years." Disconnected from the national network due to road [bus] competition, its taken all this time for the 'penny' to drop that rail transport is also essential in the overall public transport equation, something that has been lacking due to political stupidity and, of course those promoting road transport.

For the full BBC England news clip click onto the attached link (in green) - Reconnected back to the national Network. This news article is really a testiment to the fact that those supporting heritage rail [railways] are being proved right. The UKs road network is in total disarray, badly managed and dare I say it "off the rails"!?

[Info. BBC News England - Derbyshire - [26MAY.2014]; comments by VK4CY]

"Bala Lake Railway bid to extend line to town"

"Passenger trains could return to a Gwynedd town almost 50 years after the last departed." The narrow gauge line runs steam trains and passengers on a nine-mile (14km) return route towards Bala from Llanuwchllyn.

For the full BBC Wales news clip click onto the attached link (in green) - Bala Lake Railway projected extension.

[Info. BBC News North West Wales - [06MAY.2014]; comments by VK4CY]

"Locomotion No. 1 replica marks Tanfield Railway anniversary"

"The fully working replica of the Robert Stephenson-designed Locomotion No. 1 has launched a month of festivities on one of the world's oldest railways." The Tanfield Railway, near Sunniside, Gateshead, is marking 175 years since iron rails were laid on the route.

For the full BBC Tyne news clip including pictures, click onto the attached link (in green) - Locomotion No.1 at Tanfield Railway, Tyneside.

[Info. BBC News Tyne - [03MAY.2014]; comments by VK4CY]

"Restored historic steam locomotive moves to Carmarthen"

"A restored Welsh-built steam locomotive believed to be one of the last of its type has made its way from Llangollen to Carmarthen." The locomotive has been restored at the Llangollen Railway workshops being the only Welsh built steam locomotive in existance.

For the full BBC Wales news clip including pictures, click onto the attached link (in green) - Taff locomotive moves to Carmarthen

[Info. BBC News Wales - [12APRIL.2014]; comments by VK4CY]

"The NEW P2 named as "PRINCE OF WALES""

Quote :"'Prince of Wales' P2 steam locomotive 'frames cristened'", Unquote
- The locomotive have been assembled and christened PLUS 'Be-Spoke' fundraising scheme launched - [21JULY.2014]. Stand by to repel boarders as this build has really taken off.

Quote :"The P2 Steam Locomotive Company (P2SLC)," the builder of Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive, is delighted to announce that the name of its new Gresley class P2 Class 2-8-2 steam locomotive will be named ‘Prince of Wales’. The new steam locomotive is being named in honour of HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, to coincide with his 65th birthday celebrations and The Queen has kindly approved the use of His Royal Highness’s name for the locomotive.: Unquote

The P2 Steam Locomotive Company is a subsidiary of The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (a registered charity), the builders and operators of No. 60163 Tornado, the world-famous new steam locomotive. Watch their site [also listed on the LINKS page] for the latest developements on this site which has all the hall marks for rapid growth aka "Tornado". In fact the data in the 'Bespoke information' is talking about the frames being wheeled by the end of 2015. Are you onboard yet? If not, why not?.

Incidentally, this name plate is the FIRST component of the P2 locomotive. On St.Georges Day (27APRIL.2014) the steel sheets for the frames were cast. Additionally, the 'latest data' is on a pdf file called the "Mikado Messenger"; Hornby Railways have produced a '00' gauge model etc. Enjoy. GO TO P2SLC SITE

[Info. P2SLC website data; comments by VK4CY]


The Workshops Rail Museum located at North Street, Ipswich some 40 minutes drive from Brisbane or 70 minutes drive from the Gold Coast; serviced by train services from Brisbane's Central & Roma Street stations and a bus transfer from Ipswich Station to the Workshop Museum - it is a 'gem' of a museum. It opens daily at 09:30 local until 17:00 local except for Good Friday, Anzac Day and Christmas Day. Their web site link - click on the Green section - The Workshops Museum - which is also posted on my "Links" page. Their website also includes contact telephone numbers, Facebook and Twitter data.
Discover a historic site that remains Australia's oldest Railway Workshops still in use. Incidently, to join the various workshop 'tours' ensure you are wearing enclosed footware. Prices are reasonable. Refreshments are available from the onsite cafe. Staff extremely courteous and helpful in all departments. Great models, scientific models/demonstrations, marvellous areas for kids (all ages too). Even better, if you get the opportunity to visit especially if you are from Queensland, Australia believe you me, a wonderfully railway museum awaits you. Enjoy the experience as there is something for everyone male, female, kids of all ages 1 to 101. Highly recommended. Hope the pictures taken can be posted as they include QRs magnificent "Garratt" built in Manchester, UK - Yum.
[Info. The Workshops Rail Museum; comments by VK4CY]


The Bluebell Railway [BR] is experiencing lots of exciting events planned for 2014 following a very successful 2013, the NEP completion plus a MBE for Chairman, Roy Watts check site for further details. Congratulations Roy.

Current status of the Railway as indicated below:
The Bluebell Railway Enthusiast site is accessible via the following link - Bluebell Railway.[22JULY.2014]

Incidently an additional site that is being promulgated is one for the 'whole' family. Bluebell Railway Walks This IS well worth a check out including the small video clip, at the end of which, also includes various 'railway' videos by various well known contributors. This too is well worth the visit and am sure local area businesses in and around the Bluebell Railway will also be promoting it. Do check it out - you will be pleasently surprised!

IF you can assist in any way: Gift-Aid, Volunteer, Become a Member - I have & appreciate all the associated 'bumph' received recently eg Bluebell News Letter. YOUR efforts made will be very much appreciated by all concerned. Thanks in advance.
Even better, if you get the opportunity to visit, especially if you are from the UK believe you me, a wonderful main line connected preserved railway awaits you plus many more historic events to look forward to that are being projected for you now and into the future.
Enjoy the experience and have a pint for me at the "Bessemer Arms" at Sheffield Park; you will not be disappointed.

[Info. Bluebell Railway; Bluebell Railway NL; comments by VK4CY]


The Gloucestershire, Warwickshire Railway [GWr] have lots of exciting events planned for 2014, the Broadway link coming on line when the six small bridges are repaired and the track laid.

All their latest news is via the 'green' link - Gloucester & Warwickshire Railway (GWr) [30 JULY.2014] "Magnificent diesels impress over the GWR Diesel Weekend"; Sponsored Walk along the Cotswold Way; HRH The Prince of Wales: newest life member of GWRT; On the buses at Toddington; Ride the railway’s freight train – on the footplate or in the brake van!; Great start to bridge repairs; Thomas wows the crowds once again!; Thomas and friends to take over the railway!; Lucky May 2014 Passenger Feedback Form Prize Draw Winner; Heritage Diesel Weekend - guest loco; 'Back to Black' shows its true colours; GWSR awarded 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence; 4270 steams!; 'Back to Black' timetable published; Bridges to Broadway contract placed as share issue passes £400k; Hold tight! Special 'Back to Black' bus service!; Royal visit to GWR's War in the Cotswolds!; Lucky March 2014 Passenger Feedback Form Prize Draw Winner; Take a 75-year journey back in time on the GWR; Five minutes with Bill Britton; Of boats and turntable bricks; All Aboard the Easter Eggspress!; Put up a poster for 'Back to Black'!; Latest P&O update; Oh Yea! It was a great Marketing Day!; A rare chance for a footplate ride!; Steam from a Cotswold 'Manor'; Sunny start to 2014 season for GWR!; 'Heritage Railway' magazine supports Cotswold Festival of Steam'; Black Beauty arrives at Toddington; 'Bridges to Broadway' steams past £300k; Another black loco confirmed for Cotswold Festival of Steam; D6948 - 37215 Golden Jubilee; Back to Black event pages live; Dinmore Manor nears completion: and will appear in BR black; Rusty new arrival at Toddington; Cotswold Tourism accolade for GWR; Lucky December Passenger Feedback Form Prize Draw Winner; Latest P&O update; Latest 4F update; Five Minutes with Lord Faulkner; Bridges to Broadway: HALF WAY THERE!(2):

Following attached BBC clip noted [17MAY.2014] regarding 4270 - BBC News SW UK/Gloucestershire

Following attached BBC clip noted [01OCTOBER.2013 local] which will be of interest to GWr enthuasists - BBC News 30 September 2013 Last updated at 13:37 GMT

[Info. GWr Railway; BBC News clips; comments by VK4CY]


Great Central Railway secures £1m of Government money towards reunification project Published: 09:06AM Jul 8th, 2014 is the headline from the latest issue of Heritage Railway Magazine - get your copy NOW for full details and/or check their webpage. Great News.
[Info. "Heritage Railway" Magazine 07JULY.2014]

Ever since it's inception, 'bridging the gap' has been a dream of both the GCR [Leicester] & GCR [Nottingham]. In the attached video link, this 'dream' is fast becoming a reality so a visit the NEW UNIFY SITE which has an 'embedded video link' - GO TO GCR [Unify] SITE- make a donation to have these bridges installed and see the revitalised GCR especially when their respective Galas are occuring. These are huge events with great appeal on both systems, even better when it is ONE Railway plus the bonus, YOU can make it happen.
This will no doubt bring cheer to many rail enthusiasts especially those in the [UK] and no doubt, world-wide if the 2018 deadline is met!.

This is the ONLY preserved main line railway in the UK where steam and diesel heritage traction can pass at realistic speeds. All run by volunteers yet again, plus the Southern or Leicester neighbours are hoping to link up with their Northern neighbours so that an inter-City link can be forged again utilising heritage traction on a combined Great Central Railway running from Nottingham in the North to Leicester 18 miles in the South.

STOP PRESS - BBC Leicester News has the following data [11JANUARY.2014] complete with an embedded video clip; BBC 11 JANUARY.2014 so, its already started. Yahoo. They are starting to 'bridge the gap' and it is NOW and no longer a 'if/when it occurs'. Are you onboard this exciting preservation adventure? IF NOT, WHY NOT!!

(a) The recent announcement that the Leicester North area [see BBC News clip below] is to benefit by becoming an active outpost for the NRM will assist in the long-term-goal of linking Leicester with Nottingham.
(b) This jewel in the crown of 'Heritage traction' being able to provide inter city travel between Nottingham and Leicester, will be a world first too. There is already a link from the Northern section to Network Rail [ex. British Rail]. This will allow access to both lines when the 'gap' is completed - that would remove trucks/heavy lorries from the local road network to transport to anywhere in either UK and/or Continent.
(c)It will also assist the local economies in providing income from a link to a mineral site Mountsorrel Extension - see below.
(d)Ironically one of the features which the original planner of the Great Central Railway had envisaged in the the late 1890's - UK to Continent via a tunnel. Mr Watkins was like Brunel, someone who thought outside the square.

Can you help in any way? :-
if you can assist via the myriad of ways: Gift-Aid, Volunteer, Become a Member, your efforts made will be very much appreciated by all concerned.

Better still an interesting BBC News clip spotted - 09DECEMBER.2012 - in green - NRM outpost at North Leicester. - Can only hope this will spur others to look at the 'bridging the gap' issue too. Well done GCR, c'mon world get aboard this fine endeavour.

[Info. Great Central Railway - GCR [Unify] Site; BBC News clips (2); comments by VK4CY]


The Mountsorrel & Rothley Community Heritage Centre/Mountsorrel Railway have lots of exciting events planned for 2014, with the GCR planning including it within their renouned Galas which has added a lot of 'beef to the bone' so to speak.

All their latest news is via the 'green' link - Mountsorrel Extension. [20JULY.2014] - "Only L3000 Needed to Reach Heritage Centre Target" -; Branch Line Restoration Progress; Mountsorrel Halt Progress; Almost there for Heritage Centre's L56,000 funding appeal; Fund Raising Passes the L40,000 Mark!; Heritage Centre Fund Raising Reaches Half Way Mark; Government Minister Visits Project; Wildlife Warriors Event on Saturday May 10th - Don't Miss It!; Local Tree Surgeon Helps Nunckley Trail; First Open Day a Tremendous Success!; Open Days; Heritage Centre Appeal Raises L17,000 in First Two Weeks!!; Heritage Centre Site Virtual Tour; “Sponsor A Brick Appeal” Launched; Local Radio Interview on Sunday February 23rd; Two Major Funding Successes Totalling L606,000 for the Mountsorrel Railway!!; First Item Made For Mountsorrel Halt; Planning Permission Granted for Mountsorrel Halt; Willow Items Added to the Nuckley Trail; More Films and Photos of Historic First Passenger Train; Photos and Video From November 23rd Historic Train; Historic First Train This Saturday!!; BBC Radio 4 Open Country Features Mountsorrel Railway; Well done all round.

Can you help in any way? :-
if you can assist via the myriad of ways: Gift-Aid, Volunteer, Become a Member, your efforts made will be very much appreciated by all concerned - this especially applies to the Mountsorrel Extension.

[Info. Mountsorrel Railway; comments by VK4CY]


Rheilffordd Talyllyn/Talyllyn Railway the Welsh railway that was the acorn that has become the mountain of Steam Preservation world-wide is having financial problems.

Full details of the BBC Wales article are via the link provided - Talyllyn Railway - posted 03JANUARY.2013

Thomas the Tank engine's creator, the Reverend W Awdry, joined the volunteers in 1952 and a lot of the small locomotives became characters in the famous Thomas the Tank engine series of childrens books which sadly was taken over by an American firm.

Can you help them? . Become a member. Visit especially if you live in the UK/Europe. A good friend Robert Campbell & wife from Whangarei NZ recently advised they were in Towyn - "having a ball" was their comment. Contact them via Talyllyn Railway - you will not be disappointed.

[Info. BBC Wales news data; ZL1RSC comment; Comments by VK4CY]


Rheilffordd Ffestiniog/Festiniog Railway have decided to restore a steam locomotive that was declared incapable of "pulling the skin off a rice pudding" by the then Railway Giants Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Robert Stephenson some 149 years ago.

Full details of the BBC article are via the link provided - Ffestiniog Railway - posted 10NOVEMBER.2012

This great Welsh Railway also has its own web page which, for reasons unknown was ommitted - trust this link will rectify this 'problem'; the link is - Rheilffordd Ffestiniog. Enjoy the link to the worlds oldest independent railway.

An interesting BBC news clip was spotted earlier today - 1892 Met.Railway "Jubilee" coach restored by the Ffestinog & Welsh Highland Railway Teams - interesting article.

Alan Peglar of "Flying Scotsman" fame was instrumental in ensuring the Ffestiniog Railway of today is worth a visit. This beautiful part of Northern Wales is breathtaking ironically especially in the wet which assists in making it so unique. Yet again you will NOT be disappointed as there is scenery here in Cmyru that has no comparision with in rest of the British Isles.

[Info. Rheilffordd Ffestiniog/Festiniog railway website; BBC North Wales clip (x2); Comments by VK4CY]


Rheilffordd Llangollen/Llangollen Railway have been busy over the Winter months and recommend you check out their Web site for full details.

Latest News [25JULY.2014] – "Corwen news – Tamper arrives"; CORWEN NEWS TRACK EXTENSION REACHES CORWEN RAIL HEAD; CORWEN EXTENSION PROJECT REVIEW – June 2014; Walking Pages magazine features Llangollen Railway; LLANGOLLEN RAILWAY TRUST ; CELEBRITY RAILCAR "DAISY" TO STAR IN WEEKEND GALA EVENT 21/22 JUNE"; Daisy Class 101 visiting engine - Photo Charter & Driver Experiences; First Cruise Ship Visitors of 2014 take in Llangollen Railway; Llangollen Railway features on Radio Wales; CORWEN EXTENSION PROJECT REVIEW – May 2014; Llangollen Railway fronts the new Tourist brochure for North East Wales; April 2014 Timetable - posting dated 'Thursday 10th April'; CORWEN EXTENSION PROJECT REVIEW – APRIL 2014; LLANGOLLEN RAILWAY IS READY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ANNUAL LLANGOLLEN WALKING FESTIVAL ON 3-4 May 2014; CORWEN EXTENSION PROGRESS - March 2014; PROGRESS ON THE CORWEN EXTENSION - The Way West; New Season of Trains starts at Llangollen; Corwen Track Viewing walk report; Track Extension Viewing Walk - 01 Feb 2014; CORWEN EXTENSION PROJECT REVIEW - January 2014;

View their web site via the link provided - Llangollen Railway - Congratulations on the extension work in spite of the inclement weather etc. For your information; check this item as it has a couple of delightful video links.

An interesting BBC Wales News clip was spotted earlier today - Railway to return to Corwen after 49 years. well done.

It also had an 'embedded Corwen Station website' - link is Corwen Station Website. Enjoy.

Can you help in any way? :-
if you can, am sure they would welcome any aid with open arms plus and even better, if you can visit them it will be worthwhile enjoying the beautiful Dee Valley area of North Western Wales. Yet again you will NOT be disappointed.

[Info. LLangollen Railway; Radio Wales clip with embedded slideshow [21MAY.2014]; BBC Wales clip and Corwen Station website link [01JANUARY.2014]. Comments by VK4CY]


One of the Senior preserved railways in the UK which was once part of the mighty "Great Western Railway"; The SVR are celebrating their 150th Anniversary ; view the attached BBC link with the HRH Duke of Gloucester [also a railway enthuaist and whom the locomotive #71000 "Duke of Gloucester" is named after] officiating; Severn Valley 150th Anniversary

Remember the area well as a young radio Operator visiting maritime friends at Kidderminster - never realising that some 53 years later, it would be still operating with steam still being supreme motive power.

View their web site via the link provided - Severn Valley Railway - even better if you can visit them it will be worthwhile, you'll be made very welcome and, you will NOT be disappointed either.

[Info. Severn Valley Railway; BBC News clip [14MAY.2012]; comments by VK4CY]

Puffing Billy's 200th anniversary to be celebrated

As in the past, history is constantly being 're-written'. As a small boy during the war years [1939-45], we were taught that the steam locomotive was 'invented' by the Stevensons. Interestingly some 70 years later in 2013, re-written history now states the facts that Cornishman Richard Tevethick had done this in 1801 but, because of political and personal intrigue, this was 'buried'. So what's new you ask?.
Some of the 'facts' as to the development of Trevithick's work was being utilised in NorthEastern UK. The attached BBC Regional News clip - in green- Celebrating 200 years of "Puffing Billy" published 11 FEBRUARY 2013, celebrates a locomotive during trials 200 years ago.
Further information can be found at the Beamish Museum site - Beamish Museum - which makes interesting reading.

[Info. BBC News clip; Beamish Museum link; comments by VK4CY]

@@@@@@@@@ PLANES @@@@@@@@@

"Vulcan bomber leaves RAF Waddington for the last time"

View the BBC Lincolnshire news clip with embedded video clip - Vulcan KH558 leaves RAF Waddington for the LAST time

[Info. BBC Lincolnshire News & embedded video clip [12JULY.2012]; comments by VK4CY]


Aircraft are another of my hobbies and pursuits. Personally I enjoy UK stuff BUT, check out the attached link to Planes TV founded by Iain Campbell 26 years ago. This embraces all aspects of aviation - world wide.

An interesting news clip plus embedded video was noted in the UK "Telegraph" earlier this morning - Taranis Stealth [UK] : Very interesting machine.

Yet another intersting clip was found on the BBC Regional site this morning [26FEBRUARY.2014 local time] - Stockport Museum - Anyone know if the Vulcan mentioned was the last one recently flying? Thanks for your interest.

Even better than the above story from Manchester is one from Lincolnshire about TWO Lancaster bombers flying in the UK this summer. One is Canadian that will fly from Canada via Greenland, Iceland to UK. View the BBC News clip - Lancaster bombers to fly together on UK summer tour - Yahoo - should be a scene worth viewing.

If YOU would like to receive the Planes TV video clips regularly, click on the link in 'green' - and tell Iain that Jonboyradio sent you and/or where you found the link - it's FREE - Planes TV -

I get regular E-mail etc from the UK but this 'classic; of the Vulcan howl is probably the best. What do you think?? Vulcan Howl - by Damon Marrison on YouTube. Anyone got the date/airport?? 2013??/Robin Hood [Sheffield]?? Please advise so can give correct credits - Thanks JW

[Info. Planes TV; The "Telegraph" UK news clip [05FEBRUARY.2014]; BBC Manchester regional news clip [25FEBRUARY.2014]; BBC Lincolnshire regional news clip [24FEBRUARY.2014]; comments by VK4CY]

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