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Part Five: Various Awards, Certificates & Documents: from 1955 to present

G7SV Bridlington
NESWT Bridlington circa 1958 - sadly all gone. Photo. via the NESWT Association
C&G RAE#55 result
Photo. copy of my City & Guilds Examination #55 pass docket # 14025 for the British Radio Amateur Certificate - 5th May 1961. Photo. by VK4CY
HRO receiver
"HRO Receiver"
Modified HRO receiver complete with pre-selector & other "mods". Photo. by G3PLQ
LI2B QSL card
QSL card from 1969 Ra expedition worked when 1/2 way across Atlantic 13.6.1969 by G3PLQ. Photo. by G3PLQ/VK4CY
W6RO QSL card
QSL card of W6RO "Queen Mary" at Long Beach, California USA. Photo. by VK4CY
GKA - Joe McCabe
"Joe McCabe's sketches"
Marvellous artist - Joe captured the rapt attention given to one of the PO girls brought in to assist with the telex traffic. On the extreme RHS one was drinking the tape water contents instead of his tea. Factual. The GKA [Portisheadradio] boys when I was there will appreciate this one. Sketch by J. McCabe - photo. by VK4CY Ex GKA
Sample QSL card for /MM operations. Similar card used in early days of ANARS - vessel pictured is "Mobil Flinders" VJEU. Photo. by VK4CY
GKB5 QSL card
QSL card from GKB5 12MHz/14MHz - Portisheadradio. Also worked them on 8MHz/7MHz & 16MHz/21MHz - special dispensation given by UK authorities. Photo. by VK4CY
GKA QSL card front cover
QSL card from Portisheadradio [front cover]. Photo. by VK4CY
BA8AG - QSL from China
QSL card from China - 22 years trying to get a CW card!!. Photo. by VK4CY
AC4YN - QSL from Tibet 24/11/36
QSL card from Tibet
callsign now held by an American Amateur!!.
Photo. by Bob Williams from the G5YN collection - Dublin 2011

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